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Shaping the future of lithium mining

Shaping the future of lithium mining, our three-year ULiBS project aims to meet the increasing demand for lithium while optimizing yields and minimizing waste.
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Orexplore Insight 2.3 Released

2023 is shaping up to be an even more monumentous year for the Insight team here at Orexplore.
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Orexplore leads the pack in core analysis

Game-changing technology, connecting decision-makers to drilling in near real-time.
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Orexplore Technologies creates value across the mining chain

Assarel-Medet has been able to take full advantage of Orexplore's innovative technology.
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Geologists in red jumpsuits, analysing copper core

Orexplore partners with Assarel-Medet in Bulgaria

Assarel-Medet has been able to take full advantage of Orexplore's innovative technology.
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Orexplore makes the ‘ones to watch’ list for 2021

See what’s hot in mining technology and read what UG Mining Tech has to say about the future of the industry.
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Screenshot of Orexplore, Embracing Agile Methology video

Cultivating creativity & efficiency: Orexplore’s agile methodology

Agile methodology is the collaborative and open project management style that plays a key role in Orexplore's processes.
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Orexplore Exploration project team selfie

Harnessing new tech for the Enhanced Exploration Project

Orexplore has collaborated with forward-thinking organisations through the Enhanced Exploration Project. Here are the latest results.
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Orexplore & Minalyze win Swedish Mining Innovation Award

Orexplore has been honoured in a joint win with Minalyze at the 2020 Swedish Mining Innovation Awards.
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Orexplore rock density image example

Orexplore’s scanning capabilities

Snapshots of what Orexplore's Insight® software is capable of revealing with drill core samples.
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Illustration of Nita Parbhakar-Fox

Changing the environment of mining: an interview with Anita Parbhakar-Fox

We discuss industry changes in an interview with Senior Research Fellow, Anita Parbhakar-Fox.
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Male miner working underground in Canadian mine

Canadian Mining Journal on Orexplore’s award nomination

Canadian Mining Journal reports on Orexplore's Swedish Mining Innovation Award nomination.
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Orexplore is nominated for Swedish Mining Innovation Award

Breaking news! Orexplore's X-ray technology is nominated for this year's Swedish Mining Innovation Award.
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Man pulling GeoCore crate

Packaging the GeoCore X10® for delivery

See how Orexplore packages the mighty GeoCore X10, ready to be transported anywhere in the world.
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Orexplore at Diggers & Dealers 2020

Looking forward to catching up with old acquaintances and meeting new clients at Diggers & Dealers.
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Orexplore X-Mine project image

Open Access Government reports on the X-Mine project & Orexplore innovations

Open Access Government has posted a review of the X-Mine project and Orexplore’s groundbreaking technologies.
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Mining and 3D modelling technology example

Mining & 3D modelling technology with The Intelligent Miner

The Intelligent Miner and Orexplore tackle the burning question in the mining industry — "what’s next?".
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Europe’s mining industry: changing excavation

Faster, more accurate and better for the environment — these are the 21st century ambitions for the mining industry.
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Orexplore, mining underground, machinery

Mining, communities and the environment

When you’re a mining company disrupting an environment, how can you make it work for everyone’s benefit?
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Orexplore technology analysed at the X-Mine workshop

The second X-Mine industrial workshop moved to implementation and results of Orexplore technology.
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A discussion with mining consultant & engineer, Andy Reynolds

Andy has a breadth of knowledge and expertise that's helping the mining industry embrace change and progression.
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Barbara gwalia mine site Australia

St Barbara Ltd partners with Orexplore for Australian Gwalia mine

Orexplore is pleased to announce multiple GeoCore X10 machines will be deployed at the Gwalia gold mine in Western Australia.
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The future of mining is digital technology

Our technology delivers high-resolution data, 24/7 at five-meters per hour, for immediate geological insights and informed decision-making.
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Interview with mining transformation specialist, Michelle Ash

A thirty-year mining industry veteran, Michelle Ash, answers key questions about the current state, and future of the industry in our in-depth interview.
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Using open source to develop Orexplore’s game-changing software

Discover how Christian Häggström is utilising open source frameworks to build Orexplore Insight®️ software and that in the GeoCore X10.
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GeoCore X10 — now scans drill core at double speed

Discover how the two Orexplore physicists are moving core analysis technology forward with even faster 3D scanning in the GeoCore X10.
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Prototyping RQD for better decision making

RQD is an essential analysis helping engineers make smart choices before the drilling begins.
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Inside the upgrade and optimisation of the GeoCore X10

Modular-designed control boards is all part of the process – streamlining the GeoCore X10 to be optimised and future-proof.
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Meet with mining industry maven and professor, Alan Bye

We were able to grab a few minutes with Professor Alan Bye, a leading light and technologist in the mining field.
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Mining for the future with Virtual Core Farm™

As the world has gone digital, VCF is our method of turning physical drill core archives into digital ones.
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