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Fast-track your geotechnical analysis with Orexplore

Imagine having access to consistent high quality geotechnical datasets like Rock Quality Designation (RQD) and fracture analysis just hours after completing your drilling. What if you could view, interact and collaborate around a 3D digital model of your drill core, inside and out, allowing for in-depth analysis of your deposit’s structural features at multiple levels.

Orexplore’s Geotech solution has made this a reality for companies like BHP, enabling geologists and mining professionals to make quicker, more accurate and informed decisions to:
🔸Maximise drilling efficiency and reduce costs
🔸Design drill and blast patterns for optimal fragmentation and minimal waste
🔸Enable data-driven mine design
🔸Improve resource recovery.

The ability of the Geocore GX10® to see through drill cores offers a new approach to understanding rock mass characterisation and accelerates the evolution of essential orebody knowledge. Delivered within hours of scanning the core, our solutions offer a quicker, more comprehensive and cost-effective alternative to conventional logging and destructive testing methods.

For more on how Orexplore’s geotechnical and structural solutions can assist your operation, visit our solutions page

To learn more about how our drill core scanning technology and analysis can unlock the value in your mining operations, talk to the Orexplore team in Australia +61 8 9469 2900, Sweden +46 8599 06100 or Chile +56 9906 15646, or email