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The GeoCore X10.

Gecore X10, xray instrument

Digital geology at your fingertips.

The GeoCore X10® is a highly sophisticated and efficient core analyser, delivering digital geology at the touch of a button. Evolving from medical imaging technology, the GeoCore X10® provides rich onsite 3D imagery, detected elements, structures and more. By extracting as much information as possible, miners, geologists and explorers can make informed decisions, increase efficiency and productivity, and enjoy a sustainable mining process.

Unpack how it works.

The next step in digital mining is here.

The GeoCore X10® dramatically reduces the time it takes to analyse core samples. Operated by a single rotary push-button, the machine is easy to use, and an intuitive graphical interface guides the operator. 

Up to four, one-metre core samples can be scanned and analysed within the hour, delivering information on detected elements, emerging mineralogy, geological structure, texture, and density stored digitally and available to explore in minutes via our Orexplore Insight® software.

Drill down to the detail.

Cores can be scanned directly after extraction — no cutting, pulverising or prepping. With a 15-minute scanning time, four cores are completed in just 60 minutes.
Designed for onsite use, the GeoCore X10® is portable and can be brought to your site for on-the-spot, near real-time analysis. If that’s not possible, drill cores can be sent to one of our labs for analyses instead.
The GeoCore X10’s non-destructive capability preserves the bedrock formation, whilst allowing 100% of the extracted drill core sample material to be analysed.
The GeoCore X10 scans surface-to-center, revealing the drill core’s interior (not just the surface like most other technologies) giving you never-before-seen core detail and information.

Inspect the specs.

Plug in, power on.

To get online, each machine only needs a standard power cord and Ethernet connection. With remote access from anywhere in the world, the GeoCore X10’s® performance, health and productivity is continuously monitored.

Technical specifications

Scanning specifications

Attenuation and XRF combined measurement using X-rays

Ready for deployment.

The ultimate geology assistant is here.

Size (H x W x D)
1965 x 1120 x 863 mm
550 kg (1212 lbs)
110 – 230 VAC, 6 Amp
Operating environment
0 – 35 ºC (tested to Australian weather conditions)
Physical network 
IEEE 802.3 Ethernet (1000 Mbit/s)
Physical data transfer
Removable SATA SSD
Drill core diameter
max 63.5 mm (HQ)
Drill core length
max 1000 mm
up to 4 drill cores
3D voxel resolution
200 micrometers

The GeoCore X10® is a highly sophisticated and efficient core analyser, delivering digital geology at the touch of a button. Let’s explore the possibilities on your site.