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Orexplore Technologies creates value across the mining chain

As a mineral analysis technology company, Orexplore is developing solutions to help customers create value within their businesses across various segments and ecosystems.

We are continually advancing our technologies to provide more value while working in close collaboration with our customers from exploration, operations, and emerging future applications in environmental and waste monitoring.

With our non-destructive mineral analysis scanning technology, we help mining companies to scan and analyse drill core in a faster, mobile and more sustainable way. In addition, we provide a dynamic suite of information to help companies make better, informed decisions more broadly across the mining value chain.

Our process means we can address the biggest pain points and solve previously unsolvable challenges, allowing clients to rapidly make higher quality critical decisions.

Here’s how we’re making a positive impact in the mining sector:

  • Greenfields exploration.

The rich core scanning information generated by Orexplore Insight® broadens the geologist toolset by defining potential ore bodies and improving drill campaign efficiencies on undisturbed terrain.

  • Studies & projects.

The detection of elements and ore variability that impact the mining and treatment process can be used to improve orebody modules.

  • Brownfields exploration.

In the continuation of existing projects or site rebuilds of older developments, estimated models, density and emerging lithology structures assist resource Geologists with reserve and extension activities.

  • Core sampling.

Current sampling can be subject to various compromises, from error-prone selection to delayed results. Our technologies exist to streamline this process and improve sample selections. Our GeoCore X10® can scan and analyse up to four one-metre core samples hourly, unearthing information on detected elements, emerging mineralogy, geological structure, texture, and density. Stored digitally, this information is then available to explore in minutes from anywhere in the world using our Orexplore Insight® software.

  • Core processing.

Repeatable, auditable, non-destructive core logging automates some aspects of the analysis process, equipping Geoscientists with an additional tool through Orexplore Insight®.

Orexplore Insight® organises geological information from drill holes, comprising a digital archive of all scanned drill core in the logging process – a virtual core farm accessible from wherever you are.

In addition to an interactive 3D view of the structure, you’ll see inside the core — not just what’s on the surface. A comprehensive breakdown of detected elements, density, texture, fabric and grain size helps you make data-driven decisions about your project.

  • Separation.

Configuration of ore separation and sorting technologies may be improved by analysing scanned data to understand the characteristics of ore and waste.

  • Crushing.

By accurately and efficiently identifying rock characteristics, the sequence and sizes of crushing operations can be optimised.

  • Recovery.

By examining waste streams and stockpiles, customers gain insights into potential value processing improvements and may also discover previously hidden sources of value.

  • Recovery techniques.

Pre-emptive provision of orebody characteristics may assist in determining the most appropriate recovery techniques, improving overall orebody utilisation and value extraction.

  • Closure & rehabilitation.

Initial concept development of emerging applications of the data from Orexplore Insight® may be able to assist customers with future environmental mining endeavours.