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Geotechnical and structural solutions

The team at Orexplore are attending PDAC in Toronto with the BHP powered Think & Act Differently (TAD) team. Orexplore is proud to be part of the initiative, allowing us to develop, field-test and advance our new technology solutions in real-world mining environments, first at Kalkaroo (Oz Minerals) in 2022, and now at BHP’s Carrapateena mine site in South Australia.

Unlocking new geotechnical and structural knowledge for BHP

Working with BHP in the South Australian Copper province, Orexplore is demonstrating the potential of its technology to unlock new geotechnical and structural knowledge to assist with the company’s block cave expansion and add value. Our solutions are helping the company to reduce future mine design and operational risks through improved data quality and a more comprehensive understanding of rock-characterization, paving the way for a safer, more sustainable, and profitable operation.

Targeted exploration & better mine design

Diminishing exploration returns, escalating operational costs, and stringent ESG demands paint a challenging landscape for mining operations worldwide. Orexplore’s technology can help the mining industry to rise to these pressures by delivering quick and comprehensive insights from the field, empowering mining operators to make informed decisions and unlock and harness new value.

Greater orebody knowledge

Embedded in clients’ core farms and used before traditional logging and laboratory analysis, the Geocore GX10® core scanner uses CT scanning and XRF technology to examine the entire drill core, inside and out to create digital twins of cores. These digital models support a suite of solutions that are available on-site within hours of scanning, providing quick and comprehensive calibrated data. This compares favourably to the slower, limited and energy intensive traditional approaches to core logging and testing. The Geocore GX10®’s capability to ‘see through’ drill cores offers a new approach to understanding ore bodies, providing significantly greater insights than other solutions available in the marketplace:

  • Co-located geochemistry
  • Mineralogy
  • Geotechnical data
  • Structural data.

Geotechnical and structural solutions

Our technology offers unique insights into rock mass characterisation, facilitating the development of unique geotechnical software solutions such as Rock Quality Designation (RQD) and fracture analysis. Understanding geological structures, like fractures, faults, and shear zones is essential for targeted exploration and choosing the best mining method for a deposit. These structures can direct the flow of fluids carrying ore forming elements, leading to the accumulation of both valuable minerals and at the same time creating structures that can present challenging mining conditions. Identifying these structures is crucial for designing and executing profitable, safe and sustainable mining operations.

Using data from the Geocore GX10® core scanner, our Orexplore Insight® software creates detailed 3D models of the surface and inside of the core, allowing for a deeper analysis of the deposit’s structural characteristics at various levels. The 3D data can also be integrated with other modelling software used by mining professionals worldwide.

Orexplore’s technology platform is delivering new insight to mining operations by delivering fast, on-site orebody knowledge through co-located geochemistry, mineralogy, and now, geotechnical and structural information. These solutions link Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) instantly, regardless of location, empowering mining operators to make well-informed decisions that enhance operational efficiency, sustainability, and profitability.

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