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Challenging mineral deposits in Chile

We have been working commercially with a mining company in Chile who is restarting a copper and gold mine, assisting them in identifying, analysing, and mitigating the challenges within their deposit. Challenging minerals can significantly affect mining efficiency and recovery rates. They can also have a detrimental, long-term impact on the mine’s value by influencing processing methods, operational speeds, costs, and the quality of the final product.
Unlike assay labs that can only detect elements on large samples, our technology provides comprehensive insights into both mineralogy and elements as they exist in the core, all from the one scan. High resolution 3D digital models of the surface and interior of the core enable the detection and analysis of both the location and character of these problematic minerals.

This enables planners, engineers, and metallurgists to collaborate proactively and develop strategies for mining and milling operations, mitigating, or eliminating the impact that these minerals might have on the performance of the mine.
Orexplore helps companies determine and implement economically viable and environmentally optimal mining and processing methods. This is possible due to our technology’s detailed analysis of rock properties, including contaminants and elements that require diligent and responsible approaches to mining and milling operations.

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 * 3D core interior showing contaminants in pink (picture on the right). Surface scans of the core (picture on the left) do not detect contaminants.