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Revolutionary technology, enhancing core exploration and analysis.

In an industry — and era — that needs to be informed, resourceful and sustainable, Orexplore delivers future-proof technology ticking all the boxes.

We help pro-active organisations find more resources at lower costs through cutting-edge technology in an environmentally conscious way. We aren’t waiting for the future of sustainable mining, efficient exploration, and data-driven core analysis. We are taking action, today.

This is Orexplore.

3D tomography of particle distribution plot
Disseminated Sulfides
Fold Hinge
Vein with Galena
Shear Band
Foliation with Sulfides

The power to do more, now.

Take a look inside.

Game-changing technology, times two.

Our solutions are underpinned by two important components – The GeoCore X10® unit and Orexplore Insight®, working together to enhance knowledge, and complement your organisations expertise.

Delivering revolutionary technology to aid exploration, evaluation and projects, removing guesswork, and providing a relevant stream of time-sensitive information.

Gecore X10, xray instrument

GeoCore X10®

GeoCore X10® does the heavy lifting.

This expertly engineered X-ray instrument scans drill core, providing detailed 3D imaging, detected chemical elements. Unlike traditional measurement methods, the GeoCore delivers non-destructive analysis, with scan data delivered to Orexplore Insight® software in just 15 minutes.

Streamlined & sustainable, successful.

Insight into our process.

Case study

Hellas Gold

Discover how Hellas Gold — a gold, silver, lead, zinc and copper mining company based in Athens, Greece — used the GeoCore X10® drill core scanner onsite.

Installed in 2018, the scanner (and Orexplore Insight®) gave Hellas Gold unparalleled insight through data-enhanced 3D geo modelling, non-destructive Identification of geotechnical features, and high-resolution core logging. As a result, they could efficiently make data-driven decisions and effectively map out geological structures.

Enhancing our industry

A new era of sustainable mining is here.

Our people, processes, and advanced technology are discovering new possibilities, identifying ways to enhance the mining industry to become more environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable.

0 million
metres of core drilled globally, per annum
metres core scanned by Orexplore

Global Mining Project Development

Europe $73.7 billion USD
Oceania $107.7 billion USD

Source: Industrial Info Resources, December 2020.

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