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World-class production

Sandra Egardt joined the team in Kista three years ago. She has a degree in design and product development from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, specialising in industrial production. Egardt has a past in the logistics department at Scania Trucks. “After a few years at Scania, I was able to formulate the context in which I wanted to work. I wanted to move on to a company with a shorter distance to decision-making and a closer interaction between different disciplines. I also wanted to be able to influence the end product and have a closer relationship with the customer. Something Scania couldn’t offer, but the opportunities were there at Orexplore.”

Orexplore also tempted with a high-tech product and a culture that allows the employee to find their own way to a solution. “We have an ambition and a way of thinking that makes for world-class production. I have the opportunity to develop our product from a very high level, and that is inspiring. But what motivates me is our company culture.”

Orexplore has a flat organisation without project managers. Instead, the individual is responsible for how the project is progressing, and this includes problem-solving. If the task is to solve a problem that no one has solved in the past, its up to each and every one to find their own way there. A culture that has led to both success and a strong belief in the individuals’ ability.

“I have developed both professionally and as a person at Orexplore. The way we work makes me understand the challenges of colleagues and other departments. I know that I am part of a whole, and although we may think differently about how to reach a goal, the goal is the same for everyone at Orexplore. And that is to create an efficient and future-proof technology to map minerals and elements, with good value in each sample. Also, our technology means there is no need to drill as many holes, therefore less rock needs to be blasted and crushed. The result less impact on the environment.”