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Packaging the GeoCore X10® for delivery

Based on the principle that we assemble the entire GeoCore X10 as one interconnected piece, with no forced pre-assembly, we see the packaging as part of that holistic picture, and unitary production flow. You have a plate on which the machine stands and a protective plastic cover to prevent dust from settling on it. The next step is to mount a rear disc at the back of the machine via two transport u-beams, and once that is mounted, a hook on each side is fastened with staples. The last piece is the lid.

The packaging is designed in such a way that it can withstand a fall of 1-2 m, in the form of shock absorption from the surface on which it stands/lies. The remaining sides are there to protect against accidental bumps or scratches. The entire standing packaging takes about 15 min; if it’s loaded horizontally, around 30 min. We send the machines from the same place – from production to assembly. Incoming and outgoing deliveries take place at the same location to minimise transport distances and increase efficiency.

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