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Orexplore Australia open for business

Orexplore’s Australian office in Bassendean in Perth has now opened its doors to the mining industry down under. We can still smell a bit of fresh paint, but almost everything else is in place.

The new office will be a sales office and an important meeting hub for Orexplore’s technology and the mining industry. But even more interestingly, it will soon become a true assay lab where we can process customers’ drill cores and present them with a revolutionary new way of looking at geological data.

Drop by for a visit! You’ll find our location on the contact page

Say hi to Russell and Rob!

Our first two employees are veterans in the mining industry and many of you probably know them already. Russell McChesney, our new business development manager, is a geophysicist with over 20 years experience in the mining industry. Rob Downard is our technical product specialist and has a great eye for leveraging emerging technologies through digitalization. Welcome to the team!

Russell McChesney - Business Development Manager
Rob Downard - Technical Product Specialist